And welcome to my website! It was lovingly designed by my reluctant husband after a series of subtle hints, (AKA I asked him repeatedly until he caved.) If you’ve navigated here in an attempt to learn about me as a writer, I’m touched! Like most things in my life, this website is a work in progress and this post is my first blog post since my deadjournal days when I used to rant about living with my parents, and why Luis and Sheridan just couldn’t get it together on Passions (*Note, I was 17, so my tastes have evolved slightly.)I’ve never been any good at blogging. I stress out about what to say, how often to say it, so I’m not going to blog about anything serious. Nor can I commit to writing with any habitual regularity. Instead I’m going to write about subjects that catch my fancy, funny things that happen to me, and the occasional topic about writing. Hopefully this is all appealing to you and if you’re waiting for the end of this post, congratulations, you’ve made it!

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